Experiments in blogging

I have been enjoying reading a relatively new personal blog from Richard Wilson. It's early days for 'Experiments in Living', but I admire what Richard is trying to do – to blog about personal thoughts, observations and challenges in a very open way.

For me one of the most thought-provoking posts was one called Stuck in the Middle, about the challenges of mixing the worlds of London and a more rural location. While I haven't experienced the transition that he talks about, as I have been living in rural Oxfordshire for nearly 20 years, I can definitely relate to the idea of feeling both part of, but distinct from, a London-centric world:

The thing is, living in different worlds, which is what I do, London & Stroud are very different, changes you. These worlds have different norms and values. People quite literally spend their time doing different things, not just museums or country walks, but life works in a different way.

I also enjoyed the recent post about a failed attempt to cut down on the constant stream of new information at our disposal today, again raising issues and dilemmas that are very familiar.

For me the blog is quite different from most of the stuff I read online, and I would recommend that you give it a look.