Reflections on daily blogging

Over the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with posting an entry here every day. Over the last 16 days I have posted 15 times, so very nearly met the target. As I have written previously, I have been frustrated with how little I have posed in the past, and this was an attempt to increase the frequency by imposing a strict (and simple to measure) requirement.

On one level I am pleased to have achieved what I set out to do, and the site stats tell me that there has been a positive effect on the number of visits to the blog. I have also increased the number of comments that have been made, and also got some comments and retweets on twitter.

Posting everyday has been quite hard work. It has been difficult to carve out the time to write everyday, and while I haven’t had a shortage of ideas, some of the posts-in-waiting require further research, which I just haven’t had time to do. I also have a nagging feeling that these posts haven’t been my best writing. I haven’t made time for thorough editing, so I suspect the prose could have been improved.

So I am in two minds. The daily schedule is very appealing as a simple approach to making sure that the blog is regularly updated. But I worry that the content isn’t as good as it could be. One of my reasons for blogging in the first place is to help me organise my own thoughts, and maybe that objective is suffering.

For now the decision is to try to continue with the daily posting schedule, but I would also be keen to hear from people who are visiting the site. How important is regular posting to you? Would you be more likely to read if I posted two or three times per week rather than every day? What do you think of the posts from the last couple of week? I would be interested in any feedback.