Open access and academic progression

Academic review, promotion and tenure documents promote a view of open access that is at odds with the wider academic community

A recent post on the LSE impact blog reports some troubling findings concerning open access and academic progression:

In a recent study, analysing documents related to the review, promotion, and tenure (RPT) process at a representative set of 129 universities from the United States and Canada, only 5% of institutions mentioned Open Access. Just as fascinating as this lack of interest and support for making research OA, however, were the misconceptions we found surrounding the term itself. For example one document cautioned faculty against "publishing in journals that are widely considered to be predatory open access journals". Others equated OA with materials that are "self-published, inadequately refereed, open-access writing."

I wonder how equivalent documents in UK universities look. Aligning all the incentives is an important part of any transition to open research.